Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square

Tower Bridge

See London's famous Tower Bridge - The London Bridg. Recognised all over the world as a symbol of London, see yourself the majestic Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge was completed in 1894, after 8 years of construction. It addressed a need for a bridge west of the London Bridge and through ingeniuos engineering and design Tower Bridge was built, without hindering the steady flow of ships into the City of London.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a world famous London landmark, watched over by Nelson's Column.

Built to commemorate Nelson's Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. Trafalgar Square has become an iconic symbol of London and an important place for Londoners in particular. Dominated by the 212 feet tall Nelson's Column the square is also adjacent to the National Gallery.

The Square was once famous for it's pigeons, but over the last few years thier numbers have fallen dramatically due to new legislation. The square is always a popular place for Londoners to celebrate New Years Eve and othe national celebrationsand also for political demonstrations.

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