Houses Of Parliament and Big Ben

Visit the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in a luxury chauffeur driven car. One of the oldest representative assembles in the world and one of the world's most famous landmarks.


The Houses of Parliamen origins dates back to the 13th century and has become one of the places to vist on a tour of London. The present two - chamber system began in the 14th Century in England : the House of Lords (the upper house) and the House of Commons (the lower house) sit separately and are quite different on consititution.

The main functions of the Parliament are to: Make all UK law, Provide, by voting for taxation, the means of carrying on the work of the government, Protect the public and safeguard the rights of individuals, Scrutinise government policy and administration, including proposals for expenditure examine European proposals before they become law, Hear appeals in the House of Lords, the highest Court of Appeal in Britain debate the major issues of the day.

Big Ben

Big Ben is the name of the largest bell from St.Stephen's Tower, the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster. Today the whole clock tower is commonly called Big Ben.

Visiting Parliament 

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