HMS Belfast

Visit HMS Belfast, London in a luxury chauffeur driven car.

HMS Belfast served in World War II for the Royal Navy. The Navy's heaviest cruiser is now berthed on the River Thames, close to Tower Bridge on London's South Bank. Maintained by the Imperial War Museum, HMS Belfast is now a museum ship, and is the last of the Navy's big gun warships.

Commissioned by the Royal Navy in 1939 and shortly after she hit a mine, which broke her back and injured 22 crew members putting HMS Belfast out of action for 3 years. HMS Belfast returned to service with distinction in the Second World War, and helped sink the German battleship Scharnhorst in the Battle of North Cape in 1943. She also saw actiom in the Korean War, and was hit by a Communist battery which killed one and injured four others.

HMS Belfasf came to rest in London on Trafalgar Day 1971 and since then has provided a fascinating glimpse into life abroad a Royal Navy battleship.

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